Stevens Take[s] Back the Night

Photo by Deanna Quackenbush

A Non-Profit Organization aimed at ending all forms of domestic, sexual, and relationship Take Back the Night is an international event that tackles the aforementioned issues in their truly genderless, oppressive, and omnipresent form. By acknowledging the undiscriminating oppression of discrimination, Take Back the Night is different from other movements in the sense that it provides a podium for survivors to share their stories. This creates an atmosphere of both introspection and revolution.
Starting in 1975 after a Philadelphia scientist was murdered on her way back home, the movement grew into a nationwide phenomenon, that lives to its purpose even four decades later, in the form of candle vigils, rallies, and marches.
Carried out in most prominent college campuses across the country, Stevens helped Take Back the Night on the 18th of April 2017, as it has since 2015, and it was a raging success. Attended by undergrad and grad students alike, the event was conducted in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness month. With poignant and heartfelt stories of survivors, musical performances by Stevens students, and a candlelight vigil, Stevens’ students gathered in Walker Lawn at 7 pm and marched from Hoboken’s Pier A in Hoboken. True to its belief in equality, liberty, and nondiscrimination, Stevens’ academia continues to uphold the ideals that make our university an equalitarian space for unoppressive expression and social justice.