First annual Clothesline Project

Photo by Deanna Quackenbush

The Clothesline project was the first annual event by the Take Back the Night Committee and took place on Monday, April 17, on Davis Lawn. This event was inspired by a nationwide project to bring attention to violence against women. Take Back the Night had planned this event for three years and had just acquired the ability to execute the project.

It started with an event outside Pierce Dining Hall, where the committee provided shirts and markers for people to write messages with. They received 25 shirts from the event, and multicultural fraternity Nu Alpha Phi donated shirts they had from a similar project years ago. The committee set up a clothesline overnight to have the effect of the message popping up and being suddenly spoken loud and clear.

Of the 10 people in the committee, Jessica Martin, the Secretary and well-known “committee hype man” was extremely passionate about the project and its message. She was excited since this has been brought up in years prior and that she could be part of the team that started this soon-to-be annual tradition. They all volunteered to organize, make shirts, and finally put up the clothesline in Davis lawn.

Take Back the Night Committee is part of Women’s Programs and also organized the Take Back the Night event that happened this past Tuesday.