Fancy feet for warmer months

When all you can manage is a t-shirt and shorts in the summer heat, the right shoes and accessories can make or break an outfit! It’s all too easy to slip into your worn-out flip-flops or throw on faded baseball cap, but there are other summer accessories that are just as easy for the heat and still make a style statement.

For guys it can seem like the only options for shoes are flip-flops or sneakers, but there’s a whole world outside your closet. Driving shoes and boat shoes are not just for…well, driving or boating. Loafers, moccasins and boat shoes are all perfect choices for a casual summer to wear with khaki or chino shorts. Though they might seem dressy, flat shoes like these are all actually very casual and should never be worn with formal attire. If you do want something more versatile, desert boots, are near season-less and can be dressed up too. As long as it isn’t raining or snowing, there’s a dessert boot for every season and every occasion. A lighter color might be more appropriate for summer while darker colors appear more formal and could be paired with a suit.

Women’s shoes, on the other hand, come in so many styles it can be hard to narrow down what you want. Loafers have been my go to for the transition seasons for the last year or so, but the new trend is a backless style, which might technically be called mules. I’m dying for a golden brown pair, but white is the current in style for summer. Gucci makes the most elaborate and beautiful slide loafers if you want to drool over luxury styles beyond the income of a college student, but Sam Edelman, Dolce Vita, Steve Madden and Asos make more affordable ones.

Slide on sandals, which have open toes, also give a similar look but with more space for your toes to breathe. It’s also the perfect time to be a Hobbit apparently, because furry feet are also trending. What’s more boujee than furry slide on sandals? While I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll be hopping on this bandwagon, it’s definitely interesting.

On a tamer note, black and strappy seems to be the popular choice for flat sandals. Via Spiga has a pair with an ankle strap that is particularly cute. I love the chic look these sandals add to a simplistic, mod outfit. Try paiting them with paired with a white tee and black, chino shorts or a float-y, cotton button down and dressy shorts or a skirt. They also make sandals like these for men, though they usually have fewer straps and slide on. Style these with straight (not tight) fitting chinos, cuffed at the ankle or a nice pair of shorts.

Now, hear me out on this next one. If the men of the Prada runway can wear socks and sandals, you can too! Not to mention Rihanna was recently spotted committing to this fashion sin, and she has her own line of shoes that includes slide sandals. It seems every once in awhile this fashion faux pas gets a pass. Of course, there’s a difference between styling your socks and sandals together and being too lazy to put on a sneaker. I have to say though, this might be one risky trend I’m on board with. Are Birkenstocks still cool? I’ve been thinking about getting a pair to satisfy my need for slip on shoes while also wanting to have socks. Can they take my column away for that?

Of course, when in doubt, you can always wear sneakers. Just keep them clean and have a street pair that’s separate from what you wear to the gym. White leather sneakers would be on trend and perfect for the warm weather in the coming months. Anything leather or suede I find particularly stylish, but there’s countless options for a sportier, more athleisure style as well. While it can be fun to pick the brightest, boldest colors, it’s good to have at least one pair in a neutral for easy mixing and matching.