We must unite now more than ever

It’s with great pain that I have to write this and have it be read rather than just assume everyone gets the picture. My friend, I implore you to continue on and take what I say with great attention. As I am writing this, I am hearing the cries of children, some not even the age of four, after they have been attacked in Syria. I can understand if you are tired of hearing about the violence in Syria because your one to two seconds of sadness and discomfort should be of greater importance than the lives of innocent men, women, and children. But if you could just hear me out, we can move on with our fortunate and safe lives. Every news station is currently reporting on the sarin gas attack in Idlib Province in Syria, that killed dozens of people, including children, while injuring many others. There is discussion regarding who is to blame for this heinous crime. Suspects include local rebels, Russia, Assad’s regime, and, most worryingly, the United States. Putting political suspicions aside, many innocent lives were painfully lost. How can we sit back and watch this happen? Are we not human too? What reason is there for this violence? We can continue to ask ourselves what is happening to this planet, despite the fact that there has never been an instance in history where this sort of violence did not happen. We can continue to share NowThis and Aljazeera posts all we want about the violence to show our facades of solidarity, but to what benefit is it for the children who will never remember a peaceful time in their lives? Our best weapon against tyrants is unity. We must unite as humans, not just as Americans. There is a severe injustice being committed on innocent people that are receiving an extremely pitiful reception. Our president speaks of this “red line” that was crossed when he was informed that sarin gas was used in Syria. This red line wasn’t crossed after the shootings, the bombings, the drone strikes, or even the invasion. This red line was crossed after chemical warfare was used to end the lives of many innocent people. That is not good enough for me. A red line means less than nothing to hundreds of voices now silenced due to the tyranny they have no say against. We need to come together as humans and ignore the insignificant differences that seem to easily divide us in this world. I implore you, my friend, to get informed. Watch the reports and look at the images. Words can only do so much for you, but your eyes will show you the true effects of our negligence. Until next time.