Snevets seeker saves game

In an incredible turn of events last night, the seeker for the Snevets Quidditch team scored big.
After recent cheating allegations, a demoralized Flying Ducks team put up just 30 points in the first two hours of the final regular season Quidditch match against Ilvermorny. Their luck soon changed, however, with a ‘rogue’ bludger knocking the Ilvermorny seeker out cold for 10 minutes, long enough for the Snevets seeker to pick up the golden snitch and win the game 10 points ahead of Ilvermorny. Of course, Ilvermorny contested the win, using the recently debunked cheating myth to make themselves feel better. [The Stupe has no official stance on the cheating allegations, but that was some bludger].

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Matthew Doto
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