Shhhh, don’t tell Maryia, but I hid this here without telling her.

This election was crazy but ya wanna know what’s crazier? Acting like you give a damn about it. My favorite color is black but on a rainy day, dark black. How could you possibly tell me toucans don’t look like penguins with funny hats. Remember that time Hyan Crestsea tried to high-five a blind dude? Look up, look down, now back at me, now look at your man, now back at me. Notice the difference? Now I may just be a piece of paper, but look who is in your arms right now. 😉 What in the WORLD is going on twitter!? No seriously, I forgot my credentials, what’s happening. Did our president insult Harbor Miceand yet? Boy, what a misogynistic way to begin this current sentence. If you bring a baby or a small child to a movie theater, you are an asshole. If you are a baby or a small child at a movie theater, congratulations for being able to read this. As Hoe Hurnham would put it, the average person has one fallopian tube. I still wonder if they left Brittany alone back in 2007… If the keyboard cat doesn’t put a smile on your face any time of the day then please allow me to show you the door. Every week I just become super obsessed with different celebrities. Why is that? Do you do that? I just got over Draft last week and now I’m into Punk. I make fun of people for listening to unlivemau5 because I laugh at the idea of using a number for your stage name but to be honest, I’ll forget how to breathe if I don’t listen to Ghosts N Stuff at least twice a day. I just got told that Brexit passed today. If only I can say that… MY BACKSPACE KEY STOPPED WORKING AND I ACCIDENTALLY WROTE THIS SENTENCE. No going back noaw. Damnit, a typo. Okay, slowly now Tarik. F…..U……C……hsia is an interesting color isn’t it? It’s not quite purple, it’s not quite red. What is it?

That’s all I have for today. One more thing, if you are reading and you are the one that stole our large Stute sign during OnPoint, I want you to know that you are HILARIOUS and I’m sure EVERYONE thinks you’re hilarious and that your parents TOTALLY didn’t wish they got a puppy instead of you. Love you <3