We’re in the final stretch, guys: only 54 days until graduation. And, tomorrow is April 1st. April brings a lot of people on to this campus. The two biggest events, aka the biggest inconveniences for everyone in Hoboken, are in April. Accepted Students Day and CPAC. Why do both these events get more and more crowded each year? And when we extend them to two days, they only get worse. In the past, I would have been working tables for my clubs and enthusiastically trying to recruit kids to come to Snevets and join them. Thank god I don’t have to deal with that anymore. I’m just happy to be going home, far, far away from that mess.

To those seniors who are excited to get out of high school, I warn: submitting that 400 dollar  (it has probably gone up) tuition deposit may be a mistake. Unless you have a bunch of scholarship to come here or are lucky to be in this ‘Pinnacle scholar’ program, as they call it these days, these job placement statistics are pretty much alternative facts. Although we have such high placement, it’s been impossible for me to find a job. But talking about my inability to find a job makes me seem pathetic, so let me continue by complaining about all the injustice I’ve faced at this school.

Tuition is increasing, even though they take in more and more kids each year. Why? There is barely enough space to breathe to begin with. They force you to buy a meal plan you don’t want (also not an issue I face, as I have a shoddy off-campus apartment right now) and after freshman year you’re probably going to be rendered homeless due to the sheer amount of people applying for housing. Everyone knows co-op and how the quality of the program has gone down due the sheer number of people coming here for it. There is too much construction as they focus on expanding this small, close-knit community into something unnecessarily bigger. If you’re nerdy or anti-social you will find your friends here, but you will never be given the respect certain other people get without earning it. No one in Howe cares about you. I’m just thankful that in 54 days this will be over, but until then, all of my assignments have ticking deadlines sitting in my calendar like time-bombs. None of the underclassmen understand how much senior design sucks. They think they have no time, psh. How about managing a co-op they hate, classes, and being the president of two clubs?

Anyway, I don’t feel like finishing this column because I’m going to Biergarten. It really sucks to be under 21 in Hoboken. Too bad that’s not an issue I face. Also, no one reads The Stute anyway. All the online hits they get are from me and that freshman kid’s friends. Until next week.