Donuts special for Snevets

Long-time readers of mine (and people who are generally close to me) will know that I like donuts. I wrote about some of my favorite donut places about a year ago, and I often bring donuts from those places to Snevets for celebrations. However, I forgot to review one of my favorite places in that piece. I haven’t been there in a long time, and I haven’t brought them back to Snevets yet, even though, as evident by this piece’s title, they are perfect for this school. I won’t spoil why until the end though.

So about this place, the donuts are completely custom made. You walk into the shop and fill out a form where you can chose what kind of coating, toppings, and drizzle you want on your donuts. Of course, you can order multiple of the same kind of donut or chose from a list of customer favorites, including “assortment” if you want to be surprised.¬†One of my favorite coatings is blueberry icing. I know there are blueberry donuts at most donut places, but the icing made with fake blueberry flavoring really does taste better than plain old fake blueberries. Other favorites include maple icing and vanilla icing. The toppings are fairly normal, the only odd ones I remember are shredded peanuts and bacon pieces (which are becoming more commonplace nowadays). As for the drizzle options, blackberry drizzle definitely stands out. I’ve never seen blackberry anything on a donut, and my dad has been infatuated with blackberries ever since we sent to the Shenandoah several years ago. The base donuts have a nice cakey consistency, and the icing is clearly high-quality with a nice, strong flavor and good amount of sugar.

But wait! The donuts you order are only part of the story. You can order a sundae on top a warm donut, a feat only outdone by the donut ice cream sandwiches in Brooklyn’s Peter Pan Donuts. Whether you order a full sundae or just a donut, it will obviously take some time for them to custom make your order. In order to kill your boredom, there’s a bucket of deformed donuts on the counter, so you can dig in before your order’s even ready. Of course, save some for the people behind you on line, and save some room for your order.

Now I’ll reveal why this place is perfect for Snevets . Fair warning, my shallow sense of humor is about to come out. The name of the place is Duck Donuts.

Finally, I’ll give some information on where to get these fine works of art called “Duck Donuts.” It’s a chain that started at 1190 Duck Rd, Kitty Hawk, NC. Fortunately, some are closer to Snevets, specifically the ones at 215 US. 22 (eastbound) in Green Brook, NJ and 1275 Route 35 (northbound) in Middletown, NJ. They have 0 locations in New York State.