Transitional dressing: hats and scarves in Spring

It’s that weird time of year where it’s 50 degrees with snow on the ground. One day you’re freezing, the next you wish you left your winter jacket home! What do you wear in the middle of two seasons that have opposite wardrobes? What if I told you hats and scarves are not just for winter? There’s a way to bring your winter accessories into the warmer months. The arrival of spring also means its time to start adding color to your wardrobe, and accessories are a great way to do that. (Though, what season have I never wore color in?) Read on to find the answers to all these burning questions!

Warmer temperatures mean it’s time to say goodbye to my fuzzy, cherry red beret. Or is it?! Besides getting that classic French It-girl style, berets prove to be the perfect hat because they’re season-less! Plus, if the fall Prada runway has anything to say about it, they’re about to come back into style. While black is classic, bright or pastel colors will make this accessory more spring appropriate. You might also opt for a classic wool-felt material than something fuzzy or fluffy that’s reminiscent of blocking out the winter chills. Of course, if there’s snow on the ground, no winter accessory will look out of place.

What about the guys? Can guys wear berets? Of course they can, but I’m sure most of you probably won’t be rushing out to buy one. I would probably stick with a beanie while it’s cold. If you are really feeling adventurous, wait until the heat of spring has fully arrived and try a fedora, pork pie or Panama hat! These might be hard to pull off if you’re new to putting together an outfit. You want to dress nicely in a button down or crisp tee with chinos or trousers. Also pick a hat in a light, neutral color, like beige, light brown or gray or in straw!

Scarves are an easy accessory to transition because any one can wear them and you still look like you know what you’re doing if all you do is toss it around your neck! Spring is the time to start pulling out pops of color in your wardrobe. While it’s still cold, you might be dressing in darker colors and neutrals. Scarves are a great way to bring color or pattern into a plain outfit without being risky. Not to mention, you can take it off! Try something bright and bold! Men’s clothing tends to shy away from color, and while I encourage you all to try it, you can also use patterns and textures to experiment with styles while still keeping to a darker or more muted color palette.

Of course, once spring hits you can swap your heavy scarves for something more light and airy. Silk, thin cotton, or linen in a bright floral or pastel is a fun accessory that will still keep you cool once it starts to get hot. Guys can wear spring scarves too! Try stripes, check or gingham patterns in light blues, whites and pastels for a preppy look. Besides these tried and true accessories, I’m excited to potentially try a neck scarf this spring! It’s sort of a random thing to be excited about, but I’ve seen a mass of inspiration lately for those thin scarves you wrap and tie close to the neck. They’re more petite than a long, flowing scarf, but still add another element of color and detail to an outfit. The male equivalent would be a rolled bandana or short, thin scarf that’s worn loose around the neck and knotted in the front toward the ends.

As far as I know, there is no such thing as a spring glove. Unless you’re dressing for a formal, going golfing or wearing a winter coat, you probably shouldn’t be wearing gloves. While the tips I’ve shared may seem like it’s easy to wear hats and scarves all year round, it’s still important to make sure your outfit makes sense seasonally. We don’t want any Uggs and shorts happening. Colors can be a little more seasonally forgiving than materials. You can wear a bright red scarf in any season, but it should be a fluffy winter scarf when it’s cold and a lighter breezier one when it’s warm! If you can’t tell by the weather, then go by the rest of your outfit.