Women’s program hosts planters workshop

On Wednesday, March 1 at 9:00 PM, the Women’s Program held a DIY planters workshop in Jacobus lounge. During the event, guests were able to pick up little clay flower pots and decorate them with a variety of paints and ribbons, as well as fill them with dirt so they can plant their own seeds within them later. Shannon McConnell, the Arts and Culture chair of the Women’s Program, explained that the event is intended to let students “take a break [and] be creative”, in a similar vein to the DIY body scrubs workshop held last semester. Indeed, many of the students who attended the workshop seemed to have a lot of fun chatting and laughing with friends while decorating their own flower pots. To find out more about Women’s Programs at Stevens and keep up with events, visit the Women’s Programs page on Ducksync or @stevenswprograms on Facebook.