Ye olde ice cream shoppe

At the end of last week’s column, I said the apps that I mentioned would be useful for this week’s recommendation. This week’s place is at 72nd Rd and Metropolitan Ave in Forrest Hills, so it’s a fairly long way from the PATH and PABT. It’s also a decent mile or so from the subway, so seriously, learn your way around Queens or download one of those apps.

Some of my friends share my desire for a simple ice cream shop in Hoboken. Ben & Jerry’s and Cold Stone are really expensive and too complicated, and Rita’s is soft-serve so they don’t count. Fortunately, by some course of events that I don’t quite remember, I found out about the great, semi-hidden old-school ice cream parlor in Queens: Eddie’s.

I remember Eddie’s catching my attention because it’s been family-owned for over a century and almost everything in it is homemade. It stood out in a city full of shops that close after half a year and creative/artsy food. Sure enough, when I got there, it was like a step back in time. Everything, from the furniture to the signs to the decorations, looked like it was from the 70’s.

The ice cream itself was, well, creamy. It’s about as creamy as hard-serve ice cream can get, so I assume they make ultra-premium quality ice cream. The chocolate wasn’t too overpowering in my chocolate sundae, which is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on who’s eating. They carry mostly traditional flavors, but Tutti Frutti and Maple Walnut stood out to me as rather new flavors.

Their marshmallow syrup certainly has the right amount of taste, but it stood out to me as messy. It got all over the outside of my ice cream glass, so it was quite fun to try and clean it up. However, only order it if you don’t mind having sticky fingers. The homemade whipped cream, while rather fluffy, was pretty sweet. It absolutely beats Reddi-Whip.

Final details about Eddie’s: prices are pretty fair at $5.50 for a sundae. It’s more than Mr. Softee, but less than Ben & Jerry’s. You get a pretty reasonable portion for your money, so you won’t leave the shop hungry or regretful. One of my companions for this visit got a milkshake but could not be contacted for any information besides “it was lit, fam.” Since it’s a sweet shop, there is a candy counter, but the main attraction is really the ice cream. Overall, it’s a bit of a hike to this place, but it’s worth it.