Don’t let the past dictate your future

Hey there, let’s chat for a bit. Do you ever have those moments, like right before you fall asleep where you just remember some embarrassing thing you did years ago or something you said not too long ago that you may regret? I know I have, and I know we all have.¬†With my luck, I usually have these moments during happy moments like a nice meal or this one time during a rollercoaster ride. Nothing metaphorically slows down a rollercoaster as effectively as remembering that one time I called my 8th-grade teacher ‘mom’ or that one time I did that awkward high school thing that we have all done. I know I got a little lazy with that last one but you know what I mean. The way I try to see it, no one is gonna remember it. Worst case scenario, those who remember that one embarrassing thing do not really care or pay much attention to it. So stop worrying about it. Stop it. Great now I am over-reacting. You should feel ashamed.

Anyways, a bad habit to get into, and also one I am guilty of is to let something you regret dwell in your mind for a while. During that time, anything you are doing just feels less fun or at the very least, hard to do. In the end, it is nothing more than just a habit. And just like any habit, one must exercise patience in order to control it if not completely end it. Letting your past dwell in your mind and ruin your present, or even future, is a habit that must be eliminated immediately. Your past should only influence your future and shape who you are, not dictate who you are gonna be or what you are gonna do.