Pita Pit’s perfect pita

Photo courtesy of Pita Pit

After hastily doing my thermodynamics homework and finishing up some paperwork that needed doing, I decided I should continue to procrastinate my studying (orgo II woop woop!) by meeting up with some friends. I asked them if they wanted to try out Pita Pit expecting the worst; one of them had just ran a hummus event and likely had enough pita for one day. To my delightful surprise, he said yes, and everyone was down for 5.


A paragon of American-style service innovation, Pita Pit is the Chipotle of Pita type foods. Their service consists of an assembly line system, starting with picking either a meat, veggie, or breakfast pita. Once you’ve picked your protein, the pita is in your hands to customize. Options include whole wheat or white pita, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, pickles, mushrooms, olives, tzatziki, a whole arsenal of sauces, and more. While the setup might make you think you are just in another subway, the food will assure you you are not. Delicious, unique, and cheap, the assembly line has been reinvented, but this time for pita.


Given that I usually don’t have the budget space to go big or go home, I decided I was going to treat myself and go big. Gyro pita? Yes. Extra meat? Extra everything. Combo? Hit me with the doubler. While my bill ended up around 20 dollars, I got practically every single thing on their menu. My friends, who ordered like regular human beings, spent around 10. After ordering, shuffling into line, and spilling my spaghetti everywhere, I got my beef and lamb gyro with extra bacon, guac, peppers, onions, olives, tomatoes, lettuce, red pepper hummus, and SECRET SAUCE. It’s made with [REDACTED]. In addition to all that I also got some pita chips and dip for the table, this time with regular hummus, because I needed to know what the plain one one was like.


Getting your food takes roughly the same amount of time as ordering it, which is to say, not any time at all. Ripping open the paper, I was impressed at how perfectly rolled the pita was. It was almost like a burrito, but it refused to fall apart or rip anywhere while remaining quite thin. I started with the hummus and pita chips out of curiosity, which were fantastic. The chips were lightly oiled and seasoned, while the hummus was light and creamy. Moving forward, I took a bite out of one of the best gyros I have ever had, even if it was slightly non-traditional. The meat was juicy and had all the flavor of quality lamb and beef. The bacon was crispy and delicious (it’s bacon). The vegetables kept my palette moist and added their savoriness and texture to the pita. The hummus, guac, and olives all gave their tangy, creamy kicks, and, finally, the secret sauce was quite [REDACTED]. All my friends also had gyros, and they were all equally impressed. We definitely recommend it.


Overall, Pita Pit is another stop in Hoboken when you need a quick bite to eat and are feeling something different. Cheap and delicious, you’ll definitely find yourself going here more often once you’ve given it a try.


Location  4.5/5

Food 4/5


Service 4/5




(1 dollar sign out of 4)