We are approaching the end

The end is near, ladies and gentlemen. The end of the semester and, for some of you, the end of your first semester here at Stevens. You may already be feeling the true nature of the Stevens curriculum. This is where the countless sleepless nights begin if they haven’t already. This is where everything starts to pile up, even if you are one of those students who paces yourself and does everything in advance.

This is for the freshmen. If there is any word of advice I can give right now, it is to breathe. Because, as you probably know, we are humans and we need oxygen. We need sleep. You know what you don’t need? Those extra two points on a test or paper you think you’ll get if you stare at your work for another 4 hours. I know I’m an engineering major, but I think that my advice can apply to any student here at Stevens. We are all going to experience similar points of stress. I too have friends in other schools that brag about their free time or their easy finals. Unfortunately, that is not the nature of the school we signed up to attend, and for better or worse, the journey itself will not get any easier. As far as I know as a sophomore engineering major.

To the student lugging around their robot in a box: Yes, I understand you may have lazy teammates and, of course, I understand that the C program is, without a doubt, the most tedious and confusing part of the whole project. Do not stress, my robot lost majestically and I’m still here to tell the tale. I also understand that finals are coming up. As if having all these papers, projects, and homework assignments due soon isn’t bad enough, finals are also just around the corner. For many, these upcoming finals would be the first finals experienced at Stevens. They will most likely be extensive and require a lot of studying. It doesn’t help that final projects are consuming most of your study time right now, but keep at it. They will be over soon and winter break can start and you can finally say you finished your first semester at Stevens!

I guess what I am trying to say is stay optimistic. That final is gonna be over in no time, that robot is gonna find that stupid light, and most importantly, you will still have your health. What can possibly be more satisfying than that?