Dream team

Zisi Komar, originally from San Diego, CA, is a second year Biomedical Engineering student. In addition to playing on the Stevens women’s soccer team, she is a part of the Phi Sigma Sigma sorority on campus. There is no doubt that Zisi Komar came to the right school.

“I’m really passionate about math and science,” she says. She adds that she is “one of those weird people that actually enjoys differential equations and multivariable calculus.” Again, this is Stevens, where people write math equations instead of graffiti.

In addition to being a math and science enthusiast, Zisi has a passion for tissue engineering. She is currently doing research on campus with Professor Wang. Outside of the lab, Zisi’s favorite class is Mechanics of Solids with Professor Billah because “he teaches the material in a way that is easily understandable and very interesting.”

Zisi is also very passionate about community service and helping out those in need. For her sorority, she helps by volunteering at the local homeless shelter, Jubilee Center, and the Boys & Girls Club. Together, they help kids in after-school care with homework.

“And of course, I’m passionate about playing soccer.”

Zisi started playing soccer when she was 5. If there is a soccer gene, Zisi most certainly has it! Both her dad and older sister play soccer as well. “So I guess you could say it runs in the family,” she says.

Zisi currently plays outside forward for the Stevens team. When asked about her decision to continue playing soccer in college, Zisi explains that she “couldn’t imagine [her] life without soccer.” She adds, “I love playing soccer, I love competing, I love the teamwork, I love the sportsmanship, I love the culture it brings, I love the outlet it provides, I love the friendships it creates.” For Zisi, there was never a choice for her as to whether or not she wanted to play soccer in college. “I feel like my life would be incomplete without it,” she says.

Stevens women’s soccer team clinched first place in the Empire 8 conference after winning their game this past weekend, which means that they are hosting the conference tournament starting Nov. 4. This will be their second year in a row hosting, and if they win, their second year in a row doing so. Then they have NCAAs, which is the national tournament. Last year they made it to the round of 16 and this year, they are hoping to travel to Virginia for the final 4. Go Ducks! #AllRise

“I love being a student athlete here at Stevens,” Zisi says, despite the intense schedule it demands. From practice, to homework, and exams, it can be difficult to balance all of her commitments. She explains, “It is definitely a lot of multitasking and time management, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.” She adds, “What’s so great in being part of a team are the relationships you build. The people on your team understand what you are going through. They get when you are overwhelmed with schoolwork but are still expected to perform on the soccer field. They experience how hard preseason is and how physically and mentally exhausting back-to-back games and practices are. And they are the people that will support you through it all. That is what’s so great about being a student athlete here,” Zisi says. “It’s the people you surround yourself with.”

In addition to playing soccer, Zisi enjoys keeping up with the Spanish National team and the Barcelona Club team. Her favorite soccer player is Andrés Iniesta, who plays on the aforementioned teams. Zisi states, “Besides the fact that I love the way Barcelona plays, Iniesta is one of the most insightful soccer players I have seen play. The way he distributes the ball and finds his teammates is remarkable. Also he is extremely hard working and a fair player, who doesn’t resort to tackles and fouls to assert his dominance.”

When asked how she is able to juggle academics, soccer, and pretty much life in general, Zisi says, “Haha, good question. I guess I’m still trying to figure it out.” She has come to realize that the most important thing is to determine what your priorities are for the day. “Making a schedule always helps,” Zisi adds. “Because practices and games are set times I tend to schedule my [academic work] around those times.” Even though she spends so much time playing soccer and doing schoolwork, Zisi has been able to branch out and meet new people through her sorority. She admits that it is difficult balancing everything, but that it is very doable.