Adding some flair to your fall outfit

Let’s face it: neutral color outfits are boring. All they do is scream that you (and your outfit) blends into the norm. To make it worse, it’s now fall; it’s no longer socially acceptable to make a bold, bright-colored outfit. However, while you can’t make your outfit entirely bright to stand out in fall, you can add a piece or two – a splot of a bright color or unique pattern – to make yourself stand out in the boring Fall and Winter months.

One of the best ways you can add some flair to your cool-weather clothes is layering: layering lets you combine multiple pieces to create a multi-dimensional outfit. And with of these layers, you can create some flair with a bold color, texture, or pattern. Make sure that your flair piece is lower-layering piece, otherwise your outfit is going to become like a long-sleeved summer outfit; it’ll stand out like a sore thumb. (Again, there are exceptions, keep this as a general rule). My recommendations for adding some flair is a nice button-down shirt or polo in a bold color or an interesting pattern (like polka-dots or thin stripes) to put underneath a sweater or other strong piece of outerwear. Make it pop.

Outside of layering, you can add some flair through some accessories – like a belt or a unique pair shoes. Having a nice pair of chukka boots – even if it’s in a neutral color – can make you really stand out. Don’t stick with the same boring pair of vans or athletic shoes. On belts, one of my favorite belts is a solid deep-blue colored belt. Not many people own a non-black or brown belt, and, as a result, it can make you stand out – as well as break up two basic neutral colors in an outfit. Don’t let yourself blend in; stand out by adding some flair to your fall outfit!

About the Author

Mark Krupinski
Freshman Computational Science who explores the issues of integrating technology within society in "Technically Speaking" Current Outreach Chair