Google reveals their new phone: Pixel

In recent smartphone news, Google finally unveils their newest device, Pixel. No, it is not called Google Phone. I know, I’m shocked too. The official release title is Pixel, a phone by Google, and it is quickly gaining traction against the mainstream phones such as the recently released Galaxy Note 7 and unveiled iPhone 7. Similarly to Apple, Pixel is releasing in two sizes: the 5 inch and the 5.5 inch. How would I, or all of Reddit, describe this phone? Picture an iPhone with slight aesthetic differences. These differences include a nice letter G for Google on the back of the phone where the apple on an iPhone would be. That’s essentially it; not much groundbreaking aesthetic designs to be expected.

Personally, I think that is a very good move for Google. More of the same may be their best chance at entering this market, especially when competing with smartphone veterans like Apple and Samsung. By giving the public a familiar look and feel that has proven to work almost guarantees them a fan base built on Google’s already well-built reputation. This phone will start at a price of $649. This 32GB phone is currently competing with Apple in pricing, with their prices being similar.

Fellow Apple fans, beware.