Masked Faces

Look at yourself,

What do you see?

What’s the point of having a face,

If you nobody ever sees it?

We wake up in the morning,

Wash our face,

Brush our teeth,

And we never forget our masks before we step out that door.

I walk by a car and see a person that I do not know.

But then I stop and realize

Is that reflection really me?

I walk through a sea of masks,

Not faces.

But who can judge?

We all wear them,

We change masks like a snake changes skin.

What’s the point of a face?

Friends ask “Are you ok,”

“Yeah I’m fine”

But all I want to do is


But the subject is dropped,

Moved on to something else,

Like maybe, perhaps tomorrows quiz.

What’s the point of a face?

Home, I smile and give polite responses,

“That will suit you nicely. Don’t you think?”


“Of course, I totally agree.”

That’s what they really want to hear,

Not what you want,

Or what you feel.

Just push those emotions down deep,

And cover it with another mask,

After all everything’s just fine

And everybody’s happy.

Then they go and brag to their friends about their perfect child,

And say how proud they are of their little baby, who grew up so fast.

But into what that baby grew up is irrelevant,

Just useless info,

I mean to them that child is what they want to see,

So who gives a damn?

What’s the point of a face?

What is the point of a face?

All I do is put more and more masks to cover it up,

As long as everybody’s happy,

Who cares about what’s behind what you see?

When were we ever asked to look behind these masks,

To share our thoughts,

To show our true face?

It’s time to tear those masks off,

It’s time they learn about you,

About what make you happy!

So I peal these masks off,

But I look

And I see a blank canvas,

Waiting to be painted for somebody new.