Sophomore Zachary Shakked develops app for Instagram analytics

Sophomore Zachary Shakked, became interested in Instagram analytics over the summer, and found an app that provided him with some basic stats. Shakked, who develops iPhone apps in his spare time, was not impressed and decided to make his own Instagram analytics app, aiming to the best of it’s kind on the market.

Shakked worked on his application, Command Center for Instagram, the app for months before submitting it to the App Store. The application was accepted by Apple on his first attempt. The app in question is a powerful tool, able to determine average likes and comments per post, the best days and times to post photos, the impact of using hashtags, and more.

The sophomore spends about three hours a day working on improving the existing features and adding more. And while all other Instagram analytics apps come at a cost, Command Center for Instagram is free. In just the two weeks since the app has been live, it’s got over 500 users, many of whom are the social media managers or marketers for large companies.

Shakked sees two potential user bases: personal use and business use. Individuals who want to become “Instagram famous,” or simply get more likes on each photo, can thrive with the app. Command Center also has a multitude of features designed specifically for businesses, such as projected growth over time, and the ability to research competitors’ best posts and the hash-tags they’re using.

Instagram is a valuable tool for businesses, one that generates a significant amount of revenue. Those businesses are always eager to explore new methods of analytics to better understand their followers, and Shakked has created a tool allowing them to do just that.

Command Center for Instagram Analytics is available now, for iPhone only, on the App Store, free of charge.