10 things the WCPR ReWrite Staff thought after realizing Panic! At The Disco’s debut album turned 10 this week

  1. Oh my god, it’s been ten years.
  2. We’re pretty sure the titles of these songs were the first recorded instances of subtweeting.
  3. The reason I can’t pay for college is because from the years of 2005-2006, Hot Topic took what would’ve been my savings and put it towards beanies, tutus, hoodies, black eyeliner, dyed hair, plastic jewelry, side-bangs, and chokers.
  4. Did anyone else experience an unwarranted superiority complex from these wordy songs? Like, “Oh, Timbaland? That’s simple. The lyrics of the music I listen to are short novels.”
  5. Here’s a sampling of the concepts the “A Fever…” videos introduced our tween selves to: late 16th century attire, unrequited love, aquarium management, deceit, and, most impactfully, mime porn.
  6. The transition between “But It’s Better if You Do” and “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” can cure cancer.
  7. If the “new cancer” mentioned in “There’s A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey. You Just Haven’t Thought Of It Yet” is a metaphor for emo; Paramore is stage one, Fall Out Boy is stage two, Panic! is stage three, and My Chemical Romance is stage four.
  8. When you feel alone in middle school, you tend to feel like you’re looking from the outside in. Panic!’s lyrics mirrored this feeling of a third person account to what’s happening around you. Maybe that’s why they were so enthralling at our age?
  9. …something about guyliner.
  10. No matter what flashbacks we have about Panic!, the Brandon Urie magazine cut-outs, the commitment to memory of every “what’s a synonym for break-up” word choice, we’re all in agreement that at least they’re not as bad as the My Chemical Romance ones.