Stop and smell the roses

Well, the holidays are gone and we’re getting back to our routines. Different schedules and new people keep things interesting, but underneath it all, not that much has changed.
As I start my last semester at Stevens, I’m thinking a lot about what comes next. But I also find myself taking the opportunity to enjoy these routines because I won’t be in them for much longer. One day in the future (one that many of us look forward to), sitting in lecture and doing homework will only be a memory.
My advice to underclassmen is don’t let the monotonous, stressful nature of the semester get you down. Find ways to keep things interesting and try to take solace in the fact that everyday is a new day.
With each year of our college careers, we gain insight and knowledge that helps us experience a similar situation in a new way. As I do the same things I’ve done for the past five years for the last time, I try to look at them in a new light and see what makes this instance different from the rest.
With only a few months left, the mortality of my college life is setting in and I’m remembering you only get to do this once. I recommend you do the same and take advantage of the time you have left here because it really does fly by.