Alpha Phi Omega and friends make sandwiches for the homeless

On January 16, 2014, the Stevens chapter of Alpha Phi Omega hosted its second event of the semester in Hayden Lounge; encouraging brothers, pledges, and anyone to attend.
This event took place during this moderately cold Thursday afternoon and involved students making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the homeless in Hoboken.
As most of the students were engineering students, these students collaborated together to streamline the production of sandwiches and make the process more efficient.
A lot of the students formed into groups of two in which one person would spread the peanut butter on a loaf while the other person would spread the jelly on another loaf.
Also, during this time, pledges got a chance to interact with the brothers of the service fraternity and got a taste of what events in APO can be like (however, nobody ate any of the sandwiches).
By 25 minutes, all of the PB&J sandwiches were loaded and placed into bags to deliver to the homeless shelter in Hoboken, located in 300 Bloomfield Street.
A handful of students chose to make the little journey to the homeless shelter and deliver the PB&J sandwiches, while the rest left to continue on their busy days.
The event was a win-win: everyone got a chance to know each other and have fun while giving back to the community!