Where to eat during Finals Week

Illuzion's Lunch SpecialIlluzion's lunch special includes eighteen pieces of sushi for $13.00. (Credit: Katherina Bautista)

It’s that time of year again. No, not Christmas. (Unfortunately) It’s finals season! Like last semester, finals have returned to wreak havoc on our mental stability, sleep schedules, dietary habits, and social lives. Rather than review some swanky spot in the city that readers can casually swing by, I’ve decided to do something different with my last Cuisine Corner Review. This week’s article will be an affordable restaurant survival guide dedicated to all the Stevens students suffering from the stress of finals.
I hate Stacks. I think it’s overpriced and overrated. Instead of Stacks, I direct anyone and everyone to The Little Grocery and Cugini’s Kitchen. Unfortunately, The Little Grocery is quite a distance from Stevens. Situated on 214 Jefferson Street, The Little Grocery is away from campus in all directions. If you do manage to make the trek to that part of Hoboken, you’ll find yourself greeted by a charming Mom-and-Pop bistro. All the food is freshly made in front of you and the staff is extremely friendly. The owner makes a point to remember the names of all his customers. The handmade meals from The Little Grocery strike me with an authenticity that reminds me of home. It’s a big comfort during finals. I recommend getting the Egg Sandwich with Ham, Bacon, Sausage, and Cheese ($4.50) and the Plain Butter Croissant ($2.00).

Cugini's Kitchen is located on 918 Washington Street. (Credit: Katherina Bautista)

Cugini’s Kitchen is located on 918 Washington Street. (Credit: Katherina Bautista)

I’ve been to Cugini’s Kitchen in

the past two weeks more times than I’m proud to admit. Located on 918 Washington Street, it’s much easier to swing by Cugini’s than the Little Grocery. Regardless of what I purchase here, I always get at least one or two Breakfast Club Sandwiches. I recommend you do the same. These are incredible. At $5.00, you get a sandwich stuffed with bacon, avocado, spicy mayo, eggs done however you’d like them, and the bread of your choice. They’re simple, delicious, filling, and enjoyable at any part of the day.

Illuzion's Lunch Special

Illuzion’s lunch special includes eighteen pieces of sushi for $13.00. (Credit: Katherina Bautista)

I’m erring on the “affordable, big portions, and tasty” theme for my lunch picks. Everyone should stop by Illuzion and Phonomenon for lunch. Illuzion, mostly because of their amazing lunch special. For $13.00, patrons get eighteen pieces of sushi. Patrons are free to choose three different types of sushi from the lunch specials menu. Phonomenon is the new restaurant on Washington Street. Located somewhere on 5th Street, this newly minted Vietnamese place offers amazing food for low prices. I ordered their most expensive bowl of Pho and my friend ordered pork chops with rice. I don’t remember how much our dishes cost, but the total, including tax and tip, was under $20.00. Long story short, it’s extremely filling and very affordable.
If you’re willing to wait until happy hour (around 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.) for a late lunch, I recommend Sushi Lounge and The Cuban Bar and Grill. Both spots have amazing deals during this time. Sushi Lounge offers fifty-percent off on various appetizers and their best selling entrees. The Cuban does the same.

Bwe Kafe Interior View

Bwe Kafe has plenty of space for studying. (Credit: Katherina Bautista)

Every Stevens student has entered the library with the intent to study and left irritated because they couldn’t find a spot to sit. In that case, I recommend heading to Bwe Kafe. Parked on 1002 Washington, this cafe has everything students need: ample space to study, fast wifi, good ambience, and caffeine on demand.
Let’s be serious. Regardless of what I recommend for dinner, you’re going to get take-out from Pierce and spend dinner crying over your GPA on the second floor of the library. (You’re too dignified to do it in Bwe) Hoboken is not a cheap town, and finding an original and affordable dinner experience is almost impossible.
For those who want a feast in celebration of the end of their last final, and don’t mind paying a bit more, I recommend Arthur’s Tavern. Their steaks are legendary, and a delicious fat slab of well-cooked meat is the ultimate in comfort food. You deserve it after dealing with the catastrophe that is finals week.

Bwe Kafe Interior Ambiance

Bwe Kafe is located on 1002 Washington Street. (Credit: Katherina Bautista)