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All opinions and editorials reflect the views of the author. The Executive Board reserves the right to choose or edit all articles and letters to the editor. The Stute reserves the right to eliminate passages of letters and all content submitted becomes property of The Stute. The Stute can withhold printing letters at the discretion of the Executive Board.

Letters may not exceed 500 words in length and must be fully attributed with name and title (when applicable). They must be emailed to eboard@thestute.com or submitted below. This form is submitted directly to the Editor-in-Chief.

The Stute will gladly publish signed letters to the editor from any student or faculty member. Unsigned letters will be considered for publication under the condition that the identity of the author is made known to the Editor-in-Chief.

If you would like your letter to be published anonymously, you must still include your name and follow it with (Posted by ANONYMOUS). Your name will not be published, but your identity must be made known to us before we can publish your letter. If you are submitting a letter to be posted on behalf of a group, you must put your own name in the field and then (Posted by GROUP). Anyone who is a member of that group may contact The Stute Eboard requesting information on who submitted the form.



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