Maturity on campus and Stevens patriotism

I had planned a whole Letter to the Editor regarding my thoughts and opinions on “HangoverLyte”, which as you are surely aware is the most current Stevens scandal.

I rescinded that letter for a few reasons, one namely being that I have decided to no longer participate in that silly nonsense anymore. If I got involved, I’d just spread more fires, which is exactly what I don’t want at this point in time.

You see, in many ways, I see myself as a Stevens patriot. I know that sounds really weird, coming from the guy who consistently and actively tries to deface different departments on campus. It’s true, I hate a lot of things at Stevens right now. But, I am doing it because I want it to be better.

Take students like Shane Arlington and Matt Hunt take Stevens and praise all of the great things about it. I don’t. I criticize all of the bad and horrible things about it. In my opinion, we must first stop doing the bad things, and not just start doing good things, in order to progress.

So when there is something ugly or dumb or bad about Stevens, I will naturally rise to the task of critiquing it and outlining what makes it negative. This “HangoverLyte” issue is one of the things that Stevens should be distancing itself from. It is a stupid mistake that should just be avoided if possible. The team that made it should’ve had their advisor direct them away from making such controversial statements (unless that was their aim) and the United Greek Council should have taken a different course of action if they wanted this dilemma resolved better – like going to the project advisor or filing a complaint with the Howe School of Business first.

The issue is an immature mistake that I am ashamed of.

But the way all of the parties involved have been acting, especially some of the HangoverLyte team has just been piss-poor. Some of the comments these kids have been saying are outright rude and not at all representative of this school; it pains me to think that these are the products of Stevens Institute of Technology.

I sigh openly as I write this. I want to be so proud and happy about Stevens, but nonsense like this happens and just makes me think “why bother”.

I hope these kids are just faking it and all of their responses are part of their Senior Design Project, but I don’t have much hope.

Stevens has taught me that much.

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Joseph A. Brosnan
5/5 Civil Engineering Co-Op Student Former Editor in Chief Former Business Manager Photographer Copy Editor