THE NEW STYLE: Week of 4/7/16

Thanks to the advent of music recording software that’s as accessible as the channels to distribute the latest Hot Track, it may seem easy to drown in the river of new tunes these days. Here are some choice cuts from your friendly neighborhood college radio staff in case you need a life-preserver:

“Counterfeit” by Spree Wilson

Bless Saint Heron – the dynamic label started by Solange Knowles is a reliable resource for content from both contemporary R&B mainstays and promising up-and-coming talent. Case in point: Nashville’s Spree Wilson, whose “Counterfeit” is a minimalist take on the ups and downs of a new love. Sealed with the same kiss as Frank Ocean’s channel ORANGE (Malay also produced the new Zayn album, apparently?), this a fresh addition to any Spring playlist. Bonus points for the intersectional feminist-touting video! – Andy Waldron

“If I Had a Dog” by Frankie Cosmos

I’ve been living and breathing all things Great Kline for last six months. There are unmistakable melodies that will not leave my head. I’ll be walking down a flight of stairs and all of a sudden the descent becomes several hops and a skip all to the tune of anything from Zentropy. I had extremely high hopes with the announcement of the new album, and I was not disappointed in the slightest. Next Thing is by far my favorite album of year so far. It’s everything I wanted and more, keeping all of the signature sounds but spinning a new story with another dog song. Besides, what other artist can make me miss a dog I’ve never met? – Emma Murphy

“Your Best American Girl” by Mitski

When I put this on, I am immediately transported through time. I’m sitting in a car. I’m younger. I have my right hand cast out the car window and I can feel the wind pulsing between my fingers. My hair dances around my face as the wind comes in stronger and stronger. Between my hair I can see the sun setting as we approach dusk. The sun is bleeding oranges and reds that fill up the space between the evergreens. I look over to the driver but the light is coming from behind him. I can’t see his face but I know who he is. All I want is to be his best American girl but he’ll never know. I’ll never say. – Emma Murphy

“Drone Bomb Me” by ANOHNI

There are many moments of suspended disbelief during the four minutes “Drone Bomb Me” occupies; the land mines of Hudson Mohawke’s tectonic production coupled with Oneohtrix Point Never’s grounding radar blips. ANOHNI’s truly haunting delivery, an immediate resonance left lingering over the last phrase of each verse as it trails off in the distance. Her most arresting quality leaving us in awe, however? The artist’s true mastery, found within forcing us to face debilitating desolation head-on through the disturbingly seductive vessel of a love song. – Andy Waldron

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