New Presidential Cabinet, Jacob Vanderbilt, Amy DiGeralamo, Thomas Daly, Approved by Senate

On Sunday, November 29, the Senate approved the incoming SGA Presidential Cabinet members. Matt Hunt and Jessica Smith have chosen Jacob Vanderbilt for the position of Treasurer, Amy DiGeralamo for the position of Secretary, and Thomas Daly for the position of Chairman on the Committee of Student Interests (CCSI).

Treasurer Vanderbilt is pleased with the changes the Senate has made to improve its interactions with RSOs when it comes to budgeting. Now that the policies have been worked out, Vanderbilt wishes to spend his time on the Cabinet to document these processes so future senators can benefit from them. Vanderbilt is still involved with Alpha Phi Omega, but when the executive board transition occurs at the end of the semester, Vanderbilt says he is ready to jump straight to working with the Senate. Vanderbilt’s personal goals for his time in the Cabinet involve pushing himself as a leader and educating himself on RSOs’ past spending habits to make more educated decisions.

As the secretary, DiGeralamo plans to work with the Senate to improve efficiency both in and out of their weekly meetings. DiGeralamo wishes to sort and organize the feedback each senator is receiving from their constituents into an agenda to help facilitate discussion at Senate meetings. In addition, DiGeralamo wants to set communication standards for the senators and their constituents to ensure all students are receiving the same information in an efficient manner. Finally, as a personal goal, DiGeralamo has plans to communicate important portions of the Senate‘s legislation to the general student body — legislation that she believes every student should know and understand.

For the position of the CCSI, Hunt was looking for someone to revolutionize the role. In Thomas Daly, he found that person. A founder of the Stevens Irish Association, Daly has a deep understanding for what RSOs are expecting to get out of the Senate and intends to refocus the CCSI on getting RSOs what they need, rather than focusing on programming. As a personal goal, Daly wants to assist new RSOs in solidifying their positions on campus; Daly is someone who has experienced the troubles facing newly founded RSOs. Finally, Daly wants to make the RSO summit a more interactive experience for the campus leaders attending.

“I’m absolutely thrilled with the Cabinet appointments as they turned out,” said Hunt. “I’m excited for the next year and all the changes and improvements that we all plan on making.”

The SGA will be holding an open forum this Sunday at 7 p.m. in Babbio Center to discuss the usage of allocated funds for campus-wide festivals, such as Boken, Techfest, or a possible new festival altogether.