Technically Speaking

Why did Amazon buy Twitch?

Amazon’s $970 million acquisition of Twitch last week sent the industry into a furor of surprise and speculation regarding why the purchase was made. Amazon’s press release regarding the acquisition…

Heartbleed: The biggest TLS vulnerability since 2006

“Catastrophic” does not begin to describe this event. The problem is so bad that attackers have been reading and dumping plaintext passwords for individuals’ Yahoo! Mail accounts. Yes, personal email accounts are having their passwords leaked. And it does not stop there. Hundreds of sites are vulnerable (and are still vulnerable as of the writing of this article). The best way to describe this vulnerability is as a complete break of Internet security.

Facebook to Acquire Oculus

Oculus has become increasingly popular ever since their successful $2 million Kickstarter. Numerous people have purchased their Oculus Rift developer kit. One could say it was only a matter of time…