CSA helps students find “Hu Dunnit”

On Thursday November 21st from 9:00 pm to 10:30, Bissinger Hall was a cruise stuck on the Li River of China.
Illicit affairs, secret identities, arch nemeses, and a murder made the cruise all the more scandalous. CSA, Stevens’ Chinese Student Association, hosted their Murder Mystery “Hu Dunnit” event. Actors were hired from the Murder Mystery Company in NYC.
They were quite engrossed into their characters, and as sophomore Matt Hall put it “some of these characters [were] crazy.”
There was the dimwit but sexy French maid Mona, the dignified yet scandalous admiral Akbar, and the very talkative and invasive paparazzi reporter Rita Booker.
Each table was a team and one member of the team was chosen to be a possible suspect for the murder of Admiral Akbar. There was of course Admiral’s secret adulterer Long Pen Huo.
There was Stevens rejected Dr. Feel Good. Admiral’s arch nemesis Reginal Butterbuns was also present with his documentarian.
There was a random bowling alley owner from the Bronx named Mr. E and admiral’s secret body guard, along with many other characters.
The other members of the team were given either money to bribe for information, or gold coins that could be used to get others’ secrets.
Each team was given a booklet describing their character and information that can be given to other teams.
Students went to extreme extents to get clues for the mystery; they bribed with their money, they seduced with their “bend and snap”, and they bartered with their secrets.
The actors were remarkable in their entertainment. They had students practice their “murder mystery” gasp and spoke about the “botilla kaka” poison to make the audience laugh. Students played along as well.
One group with not a single French soul present, shouted “oui” after every statement claiming they were French like the maid Mona.
Dr. Feel Good came up with impressive diagnoses such as “It appears he is dead.”
And the bodyguard’s only explanation for what he was doing while the cardinal was being murdered was “I was eating a dumpling.”
The exquisite dining served at the cruise was also “to die for.”  CSA catered a fancy dinner from the Chinese Restaurant Yeung II which included duck, dumplings, rice, and vegetarian options.
Active member of CSA Zoe To stated that the food “was better than usual” and the “special soy sauce was an all time favorite.”
By the end of the event the true murderer was announced. One team was awarded for being the most ignorant and as the detective put it “they came, they saw, and they didn’t know sh*t.” Another team won for guessing the murderer correctly and giving the right explanation for how and why the murder occurred.
Students really had a great time with the interactive skit and fine dinner. “I thought it would be lame at first, but it turned out to be a lot of fun” said Matt Hall. “Students usually enjoy the murder mystery because of the suspense and curiosity” explained Kyra Pastore, the secretary of CSA. No matter who committed the murder, and why it was committed, one thing was very clear; CSA allowed students to escape from the realms of reality and enter a fantastical world, even if it was only for ninety minutes.