An ode to Spring Break

I always hated midterms. The concept of having major cumulative exams and projects on top of regular homework assignments and campus activities is a recipe for sadness and a lot of coffee. Even as a senior with seven semesters of sleep deprived midterms seasons under my belt, I never feel 100% prepared when I walk into a midterm exam, and I feel like my projects are lackluster.  Stressful night after stressful night to get my work done leaves me exhausted and in need of total decompression when it’s over. Fortunately this semester, there is a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel: Spring Break.

For the first time in my time at Stevens I am actually getting out of Hoboken for Spring Break! If anyone is around on campus this Sunday, feel free to wave to me from Castle Point because I’ll be crusin’ to the Bahamas. I love this city so much, but with four seasons in the matter of two weeks happening outside, I’m excited to experience a constant wave of nice weather. There is something rejuvenating of being able to catch some rays lazily by a pool and not from walking around Hoboken. I’ll need to pack some SPF 10000 for my Casper like skin tone, but I’m honestly ready to enjoy some nice weather. I’d define myself as a “lazy outdoors woman” with my love of being outside, but hatred of doing anything extremely physical. This spring break I’ll be b-lining to the nearest lounge chair with a drink in my hand and taking a nice nap. I literally cannot wait.

In addition to the weather, I’m really excited to spend time with my friends. Though my wallet is already very sad because of my vacation plans, I am happy to be going all out and having one last hoorah with my friends before we all go our different career paths. As many of you know, I try to actively not think about graduation or the “real world” but, especially in the spring semester, it’s a hard thought to ignore. With my friends getting job offers and acceptances into graduate schools all over the country, reality is slowly hitting that I won’t be a few buildings away from my friends for much longer. The perfect solution to this mild crisis of everyone moving is clearly confining everyone to a massive boat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. With all seriousness, I will be taking this time to really hang out and make memories with my best friends because it’s one of our last big things we college kids do together. No promises that we’ll make it back to port in New York all in one piece.

Finally and most importantly, spring break is a nice cherry on top of a pretty stressful week. Even when I didn’t go somewhere extravagant, Spring Break was the perfect opportunity to veg out and do nothing (my specialties). In the past, I would remain on campus to give tours and work on the SDS musical, but it would still take my mind off the stresses of school. Did I really do nothing? Not particularly, but Spring Break always gave me an opportunity to recharge myself. All I really ever need is a few days without having to do an integral or remember an equation to feel refreshed and be ready to get back to work. Spring break is always the perfect amount of time I need to get ready to kick ass and take names the second half of the semester.

In the midst of finding the appropriate time to nap before I take a midterm, I had to give an ode to spring break to reinforce how much I need to relax and also how excited I am to be given the opportunity to do so. Are midterms ruining my life? Slowly but surely. Am I getting mentally prepared for my cruise? Absolutely. I’m ready to make this the best last Spring Break I ever had.