KSA hosts Lunar New Year celebration

Last Wednesday, January 25th at 9PM, the Korean Student Association held a celebration in honor of Korean Lunar New Year. Upon arriving at the event, guests were asked to take off their shoes, grab a drink, and kneel at a series of knee-high dinner tables equipped with plates, utensils, and small bowls of vegetables and corn. There, guests were able to eat delicious Korean food while listening to and watching K-pop music videos on a projector. Food was brought directly to the tables by KSA members, who walked around with trays full of Korean pancakes, pork and vegetable dumplings, fried chicken, spare ribs, rice, and more. About halfway through the event, KSA President Kevin Kim stood on stage and addressed the room. He explained the meaning and widespread celebration of Lunar New Year, as well as the Korean tradition of eating meals of rice and banchan (side dishes).

This was the first Korean Lunar New Year at Stevens where guests ate kneeling (or sitting) on the floor, an ancient tradition still practiced in Korea. While Kevin Kim stated that the tables were higher than he would have liked, he is still very happy with people’s reception of it and hopes to have similar seating arrangements in the future.