It’s a learning experience

First semester was so much fun, and I am truly excited to be back on campus. When you’re in Hoboken, you take for granted the abundance of restaurants and people that are around. As we were getting closer to break, I couldn’t wait to go home and see my family. I was counting down the days until I could get some sleep and solitude; thankfully, I don’t have any loud neighbors that blast Friends at 2 AM, but still. However, after the holiday parties came to an end, scrolling through a social media feed that wouldn’t refresh and switching through all the TV channels wasn’t cutting it. My town, so quiet that I could hear the birds sing, was nice, but I yearned to come back to a city full of places to explore and things to do.

This semester I’m taking 19 credits, and will most likely pledge Alpha Phi Omega. I am nervous about being crazy busy, but I want to take on more. Last semester, in classes I thought I would do well, I did badly. And in classes I thought I’d do badly, I did well. At a point I was failing Physics, but I came out of that class with an A-. I was especially proud because I didn’t study physics in high school. In Calc, which I thought was for sure an easy A because I took AP Calculus in high school, I got an A-, and after a lot of studying too. I guess I’m just saying that you never know how things turn out. If you’re doing bad in a class, or just had a bad semester, you have several more to compensate for that – and grades aren’t everything. Don’t take on too much if you know you can’t take it, but make the most of your time. Looking back, if you should have gotten a tutor, or a study group, make sure you do it this semester! If you shouldn’t have done so many clubs that your GPA took a hit, then lean back a bit now. New year, new you, right? Don’t let things that happened in the past hold you back from what you really want. If you don’t know what you want, that’s okay too. Simply working diligently does open doors.

Overall, it’s surreal that four months passed by so quickly! Will the next four months and four years go by as quick? The cliché phrase “time flies when you’re having fun” feels more relevant to me now than any other time in my life. High school was fun, but college is an entirely different experience. I didn’t change, I didn’t become a party animal (as I predicted, to be honest). But I did a lot that would have been impossible in high school. True friends are made after midnight, I think! You’re more honest when you’re tired, anyway. I can’t remember a lot from my sleep deprived state, so I scroll through my camera roll to refresh my memory pretty often.

I guess that, as a freshman, I don’t know much. Upperclassmen always have a lot to say about school politics and administration, knowing all the secrets of the past or whatever. I know I did when I was a senior in high school. With ignorance comes bliss, for sure. While I’m an ignorant baby freshman, I’ll make it my priority to enjoy as much as I can. I’ll take a lot of pictures with friends, I’ll take on as much as I can without feeling overwhelmed. Things that are supposed to happen, will happen, and things that aren’t meant to be, aren’t meant to be. But it’s okay. Such is college. The biggest (and most expensive) learning experience of our lives.