Trending for Girls: Fall and Winter Fashion

It’s been a while since my last column, but I couldn’t close out the semester without one last article on what styles I’m loving right now…because I’m loving quite a bit! My shopping itch had needed a scratch and Black Friday really dug its nails in. While the sales weren’t anything unheard of, I found myself really drawn to the styles currently on display – especially since right now is my favorite clothing season, fall and fall to winter transition.

The best part of fall is that it centers on layers. It’s either freezing outside and stuffy inside, or vice versa. Stevens always knows what temperature to set the classrooms to so that whatever you wear, at some point you’ll be uncomfortable. On the bright side, dressing in layers is not only functional, but fashionable too! Layering means more opportunity to mix and match colors, patterns, and textures to create a unique look. Before I get too lost on layering, I want to share some of the specific trends I’ve been drooling over for the end of fall 2016 and the start of winter 2017.

Right off the bat, the first trend, and my current obsession, is embroidery. Okay, stay with me. I swear I’m a 21-year-old college student and not your grandmother. The aesthetic embroidery gives is a playful pop color, usually in a whimsical, bohemian style. This works best on skirts, jackets and, wait for it, shoes. My ride or die fall fashion is floral-brocade booties. Sam Edelman has a few pairs, Rebecca Minkoff and Valentino too, as well as a website called Public Desire, whose “Hana Embroidered Ankle Boots” retail for about $50. Shoes like these are created to make a statement, and while I encourage you to pair them with other colors and some subtle patterns, they will be one of the loudest pieces of your outfit.

To continue with shoes, most of you have probably seen a fair share of sleek, suede, over-the-knee (OTK) boots walking around this fall. While this trend isn’t new, it’s finally got me hooked. The holy grail of all OTK boots are the Stuart Weitzman lowlander boots, which are thigh high and genuine suede. Luckily, for those of us broke college students who cannot afford $800 shoes, this style is now a staple amongst most other designers. The Marc Fischer “Yenna” boots are on my Christmas list, but Ivanka Trump, Dolce Vita, and Steve Madded also make versions at more competitive prices. Stuart Weitzman makes a gorgeous gray suede version, but I’ve yet to find a similar color from another brand so my current recommendation is black. These boots are tall and fitted and give a long, slim look that pairs well with skirts and tights or even jeans.

The next trend is a material rather than a specific item. Velvet is really popular right now, especially as we near the coming holidays. Velvet, however, doesn’t just have to be for party dresses. Talbots has a lovely velvet blazer that comes in every color from black to raspberry, deep blue and even purple! And hey, you know what blazers are great for? Layering. They are not only for business casual either. A blazer over jeans is chic and casual. I have also seen an uprising in velvet boots and various shirts and dresses. Anthropologie has a very pretty velvet button-down, but it’s probably best to wait until that one hits sale. Speaking of which, Anthro is currently having a 40% off sale, so I urge you all to make a trip to 412 Washington.

The next trend I was skeptical of when I first saw it on the runway last season, but I’ve since changed my mind now that street bloggers everywhere are pulling it off. The slip dress, part of the underwear-as-outerwear trend, can be found almost anywhere from American Eagle to Urban Outfitters to Bloomingdales. While on its own this garment can be quite sensual, the modern trend moves it from red carpet to asphalt but layering it over a plain t-shirt and sometimes pairing it with leggings or jeans too. If it sounds weird, then Pinterest is your new best friend. I think the most successful looks daytime looks incorporate dresses that are less formal looking over simple white or gray cotton t-shirts with medium wash, ripped jeans and sneakers, boots or flats.

The last two trends take a walk on the wild side. Colorful faux fur and animal prints just seem like fun pieces to add to any wardrobe. Typically, we think of fur as being black, white, or brown, but recently I’ve seen a ton of fun fur coats, scarves, and vests in bright pinks, reds, and multicolored creations. Of course, just make sure you check the label on any fur you buy and do some research to ensure you’re buying something that’s fake or at least humane. I’ve also been getting into animal print for the first time in my life (other than my zebra skinny jeans phase in middle school). I’m particularly partial to cheetah print or a brown and black tiger print. I prefer more “animal-y” looking prints in smaller doses, like shoes. Shoes are the perfect canvas for cheetah print. For pants, I prefer something either more abstract or subtle so as to avoid looking like you just escaped a zoo.

If it hasn’t come across by now, most of the styles I really love at the moment are statement pieces that have to be toned down by other, simpler articles for a more casual, daytime look. I’ve just found that these pieces tend to be more exciting to style and wear and I challenge you guys to go out and buy something you love that also scares you a little. Because why not? Life is too short to wear boring clothes.