Students learn about etiquette with SASE and NSBE

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SASE and Society of Black Engineers hosted an Etiquette Dinner open to all undergraduates, this past Tuesday, Nov. 29 . The event featured the Career Center, mocktails, dinner, and two hours of advice centered around proper etiquette with a potential employer.

The event began with a networking bingo game, then went on to feature two Career Center employees: Jacqueline Eadie and Sabrina Sanichar. They presented a Powerpoint on eating a proper dinner with a potential employer, including who orders the food first, how to fix food stuck in one’s teeth, and how to place the utensils after one is finished eating. Eadie and Sanichar made the presentation interactive, letting the audience answer questions and helping a student fold a napkin properly over their lap. Raffle tickets were given out, and the event concluded with a dinner that consisted of chicken parmesan, penne alla vodka, eggplant parmesan, and steamed vegetables. For dessert there was carrot cake, tiramisu, and cheesecake. The raffle prize was an “emerging professional” starter pack, which included one leather bound folio, one mug set, one gold trimmed journal, one steel thermos, and one pack of pens, which one lucky student got to take home.

The SASE and Society of Black Engineers Etiquette dinner is now an annual event.