An opportunity to praise or criticize your administration

As a member of the Stevens population who has seen and worked with many parts of our academic arm, our clubs, career center, and student life and residence life, I, and many students who have reached out to me (or me reaching out to them), have found that there aren’t enough outlets for those looking to talk openly about the Stevens administration, for fear of them (e.g. those who can make direct institutional change) abusing that power.

Too many times we’ve heard instances of real situations that affect our college experience: adjunct professors being kept after overwhelmingly negative student feedback, those praising student-centricity putting down students’ efforts to bring about and publicize change to campus, and reading press releases highlighting “Stevens’s commitment to mental health and wellness” as our counseling and psychological services office shrinks. We feel as if those complaints fall onto daft ears. Or worse, aren’t said at all.

In that vane, if you’d like to vent about your frustration without having your name associated, or give praise of an administrator that you feel doesn’t get the credit, this is your chance.

Please fill out the form at the following link: It’s a simple one–you can provide as much about your identity as you’d like. You can talk for as much as you like. As long as you speak, you are being heard.

On Monday, November 28th, the form will close. On Tuesday, November 29th, another letter to the editor will be submitted with our findings. Regardless if The Stute publishes it or not, our words will be distributed and delivered.

As for the one reading these comments, I may choose to use my sole voice here, and I may be the only one reading the unfiltered responses and writing them up, but this acts as a vessel for students who have felt marginalized; for those students who may not align perfectly with the institutional standard Stevens instills, for which I, and many other members of the community pushing for change, do perpetuate; for those who have been passed the torch, only for their hand to be forced to set fire to any chance of meaningful innovation.

The Critical Student