Possible hacking during the elections

It’s finally here: that dreaded joke of an election we have all been waiting for. With the election just around the corner, the folks down in Silicon Valley are raising some concerns regarding the possibility of a large hack.

One of the main possible issues concerns the disclosures. As evidenced by Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, email services and messages are at risk of being hacked. The scariest part about that is the fact that, after an attack, access to read these emails can be granted by not so much as a click on a mouse. I personally feel that there is a high possibility that thousands of hackers worldwide could definitely be working day and night to gain access to whatever they can while they still can.

Every minute counts in terms of votes and it seems so easy to sway the opinion of the masses these days that I wouldn’t be surprised if a hacker finds a little bit of dirt on the candidates. Or maybe some evidence of aliens. I don’t know.

Overall I think, at this point in the election, the possibility of this hack being executed is possible but unlikely to make a noticeable impact on the results of this election.

The most concerning possibility of a hack that seems to be floating around relevant discussion is the interference with voter registration. It wouldn’t be the first time someone attacked a central system containing sensitive information about a lot of people, and it certainly doesn’t seem like it’s going to be the last. Though the government has plenty of experience eliminating vulnerabilities in their big central data systems, who is to say Mickey Mouse doesn’t receive a suspicious increase of votes this time? From my understanding, these things happen almost every election but not on a massive scale. I don’t see much of a chance of anything special going on this time around.

The final main concern is also a current suspicion: a tampering of the news reports. This case is definitely a significant risk; however, it is very detectable so not much of a worry there – of course, other than the constant worry of rigged elections we are pretty sure exist. For those that are skeptical about this possibility, it wouldn’t be the first time it happened. According to the New York Times, a similar situation organized by Russia occurred in Ukraine. Election results were tampered with and everything was a mess.

I mean, I don’t know. Am I the only one secretly hoping for a good story to come out of this?