A PSA to the PSA by David Ye

By Daivd Ye
1st year graduate student, major in Computer Science
In the 114th issue of the Stute, an anonymous reader wrote a PSA addressing the so-called “intolerance” within Steven’s fraternities. I would like to respond to that PSA by making a PSA.
Writing this, I am angered that the author used minority groups for virtue-signaling. I am angered that the word “tolerance” is use by leftist Social Justice Warriors as Orwellian doublespeak to enforce their own intolerance onto others. I am angered that the author made accusations against fraternities without any evidence. As a student at Stevens, I concur that the national anti-freedom SJW cult has finally reached Stevens and shown its true color.
The author claimed to care for minorities without realizing his or her own hypocrisy and bigotry. 1. Does the author believe in diversity of thought or diversity of skin color? If the author only sees skin color, not merits or character which fraternities embrace, who is the real racist? 2. Sororities regularly host events and activities which improve women’s well-being on campus. The author splits women into Greek and non-Greek categories for the convenience of narrative, and sees sororities through his or her own bigoted lens. 3. The author is outraged by N-,F-,C-, and S- words. Where is the outrage when these words are used generously in rap music, when vulgarity is the whole shtick of certain comedians and entertainers?
Political correctness is factually incorrect. It’s another form of censorship. College campuses should be at the forefront where ideas compete with each other, not a place where speech is policed under the guise of protecting feelings of snowflakes. Facts don’t care about your feelings, as Ben Shapiro said. The infantilizing of adults has been a serious issue for decades. Do not seek to join academia if you hail PC Principal. Do not seek to live in the real world where very few cater to your feelings. Do not seek to declare war on freedom of speech by compelling others to only use languages you permit. Grow up, bro.