Men’s fall fashion tips

Well, it’s October again. Do you know what that means? Pumpkins, Halloween, pumpkins, falling leaves, and pumpkins! But more importantly layers. It’s that beautiful time of year where it’s not too cold and not too hot, otherwise known as optimal fashion weather. Why is it optimal you ask? It’s all about the weather. Think about it, it’s not too cold to the point where you have to layer up and cover everything with a really big coat and it is also not too warm where even wearing pants, as opposed to shorts, would be uncomfortable. The fall season gives you a chance to experiment with different colors and enjoy the occasional coat and hat. Perhaps even a scarf!

As we approach the colder weather, we should begin to invest in heavier fabrics. And because it is fall, I wouldn’t be avert to some interesting patterns! Personally I would opt for some flannel fabrics with some dark, muted colors. Dark shades of red, green, blue, and even brown would work really well. These colors are very important when you are deciding what sweaters or button-downs to wear. Notice how I didn’t mention t-shirts and tank tops.

In the pants department, there is no better season for adding some diversity to your wardrobe. Now, I’m not really a jeans guy but when I think of the fall season, I can’t help but get really excited for dark denim days. With that said, dark denim days doesn’t necessarily mean denim everyday. Switch out the jeans some days for a nice pair of chinos or corduroy if you want to look like a big boy sometimes.

Now on to shoes. This is not a particularly difficult concept to understand but it is one I feel that I should address now. Flip-flops. Should. Not. Be. Worn. Outside. Of. Summer. Now one may think that is a simple rule to follow yet I see countless violations every year. My choice of footwear for the fall season can be summed up to a total of 3 shoes for both casual and formal wear. For casual, I would opt in for a pair of Eisner boots or equivalent. Preferably in a color similar to those described before. These boots are perfect for everyday wear and can be coordinated into most fall outfits. The way I see it, whether you are running for class or reading a copy of the Stute outside Walker, you will still look better than the guy wearing flip-flops. On the formal front, I honestly wouldn’t change anything other than color as opposed to other seasons. Steer clear from the brown/black combo and you are all set! Finally, as I did promise three choices, a nice, warm pair of moccasins couldn’t hurt for the most casual of moments. Right?

I end this column with my choice of jacket for the fall season. Though I don’t really shop at H&M, I cannot recommend their navy blue and black biker jacket enough. If you see me on campus, first of all say hi! Secondly, keep an eye out for this coat because I will most likely be wearing it. And that’s not because I forgot literally all my other jackets at home. Take my word for it though, hoodies and raincoats pale in comparison to a really nice jacket or even a peacoat as we get closer and closer to that dreaded white plague of a season. Happy Holidays!


by H&M