WANTED: Lost Self

by Monica Mosser

We were in one piece as children

We were so happy together

We didn’t suspect a thing

But soon she ran away

Always a free spirit, though I never knew it

In my eleventh year she was gone

She left behind an exoskeleton, me

I didn’t know who I was or where I belonged

I didn’t know I was lost until I knew she ran away


When I took the hint I started looking

There were times I found her

She led me to go to high school elsewhere

But I know me

She goes when she doesn’t feel satisfied anymore

And even elsewhere, I was still lost

And I still didn’t know it yet


There were more times I found her

In summer 2014, I found her wandering in New York City

That’s a happy place for her

She and I reunited to gain confidence and leadership

But when my stay there ended, she left


On July 10, 2015, I was hinted to try harder in finding her

By none other than Taylor Swift

Later that July, I found her in Silicon Valley

We got back together and made some best friends

She stuck around when we went to Vancouver and Alaska

We made some more friends

And we found ourselves a love interest

But when that was over they left

I’m sure they are still gallivanting together somewhere


But now I know where she went after

I know where to find her

She’s in Hoboken

She’s there to stay and ready to start a new chapter in her life

I know we’ll be together forever when we reunite there


The thing about mental selves is that when they’re ready to leave, they do

I guess that meant I was ready when I was eleven

Should you feel heartbroken when they do leave? Yes

It’s not fun losing that part of you that makes you whole

But it sends you on adventures to find yourself

Mental selves love to play chase

They may be mature in their heads,

But they surely are children at heart

“Sometimes, the only way to find yourself is to get completely lost”

–Kellie Elmore


If found, please return to her other half