Mid-Autumn Festival Introduces Students to Chinese Culture

The Chinese Student Association held their annual Mid-Autumn Festival this past Wednesday, September 21st. This decades-old Stevens tradition is always a big hit. The Mid-Autumn Festival originated in China as a celebration of the harvest and is deeply rooted in Chinese culture and mythology. During the autumn full moon, families, and friends gather to eat and have fun. Chinese Student Association president Karen Kong explained, “The Mid-Autumn Festival is a great way to introduce Stevens students to Chinese culture.” Traditional mooncakes flavored with sesame, lotus, and watermelon seeds were given out to all attendees. The food included American Chinese food staples like fried rice and spring rolls in addition to a traditional duck dish and Japanese soft drinks. Students were also introduced to one of many games played during traditional Mid-Autumn celebrations: solving riddles attached to lanterns. Solving riddles granted students raffle tickets for a prize.

The Chinese Student Association holds several other cultural events each semester. To get involved, undergraduate students are invited to attend general body meetings every other Thursday at 9 PM in Babbio 210. The organization’s next meeting is on October 6th.

(Link to my pictures of the event: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B8UyYtwiXC5zNjNHU28tSXhKVXc)