What are the Odds?

What are the odds that I sit beside her?
There are seven billion people in this world —
6 billion, 999 million 999 thousand 999 people
that mean so little to me,
And just one person who means the world.
And she sits beside me —
My whole world right in front of me.

And when I look into her eyes,
I become enchanted.
I see the way they twinkle and warm my world,
And then I ponder the odds.
So many trillions of stars in this universe,
And the most beautiful star out there
gazes back at me.

I cling to my moments with her,
Because each moment defies the odds.
So much time will pass without me,
Out of Time’s countless eons, I’m only here for a moment —
The very same moment that she is —
And it’s the greatest moment in all of time,
Because it’s the moment that I get to love her.

I can’t imagine the odds.