Tom Clancy’s The Division – Full Review

Being a busy senior, I did not anticipate now putting nearly 3 days worth of game time into this. Finally putting the game down during spring break because it is patching, I can share with you some insights on what make this game good and bad.

For gamers that have been largely living under a rock, Tom Clancy’s The Division is one of Ubisoft’s latest third-person shooter RPG hybrid

If I really need a final verdict then, well, I loved the game. Its selling points as a RPG Shooter game are a major success. I also enjoyed the graphics (slight disappointment from E3 demo), the vivid representation of New York, the voice acting, and the general character building and PvP mechanics. However, the flaws it has were completely unforgiving, but will not discourage me or any other dedicated RPG or shooter fans from seeing the game for what it is worth. I would personally give the game a 75/100, which should move up with developers’ promises of balances, patches, and updates.