Pulse sets the pace for future music production

Brought to you by English tech company Titan Reality is Pulse, a ticket to the future of music technology and production. Pulse has been making the rounds in many tech websites. Its mission is to bring music diversity to the curious mind. With one of these devices, a user can explore the wonders of music, from percussion rudiments to violin chords. From what I see, Pulse is built to satisfy a big range of musicians from prominent DJ’s to early stage students.

Pulse is a MIDI controller that resembles a drum pad on the outside, but acts as a programmable and customizable music kit. It grants the user freedom to create anything, from simple background beats to fully composed pieces. The pad, as well as Titan Reality’s various free apps, are used together to produce whatever the user wants it to.

Pulse mixes the art of music with the connectivity of the Internet. With the use of an app, incredibly clean sounds can be produced, shared, and discovered on a cloud platform. Titan Reality’s cloud platform, Explore, was developed for users to share their work, and discover the work of others. Pulse is also compatible with all existing MIDI software. This creates a much simpler, cheaper way for musicians to produce music, but on a smaller scale than traditional instruments. Yes, there is nothing exactly like the feel and adaptability of real instruments. But for the space and money saved, Pulse has the advantage of excellent music production and accessibility. Pulse truly deserves their reputation of being the future of musical instruments.

Titan Reality built the Pulse to resemble a real-life drumpad. Pulse has the ability to track any object at high to slow speeds, and analyze the user’s movements to create the most accurate sound in terms of loudness and speed. This allows the user to navigate between instruments, and even do cool tricks with a percussion instrument, such as dampening and ringing. Also, users can use anything from drum sticks, to mallets, to even their own hands. The sensor technology within this device has the ability to differentiate between the tools and create the most accurate sound possible, allowing the freedom and creativity of the producer to flourish.

The user can add and combine a wide range of instruments, from a harp, to a mixer, to a drum machine, to even a guitar, using any of Titan Reality’s free apps. Besides Pulse’s visually appealing exterior, it brings to the table an innovative way to express an individual’s creative side through the power of music. It is currently available for preorder on Kickstarter at an early bird price of $750.