Meeting the Greeks

26 fraternities and four sororities that make up Stevens’ undergraduate Greek life assembled on Schaefer and Humphreys lawns’ on Wednesday to give away freebies, display their letters, highlight their accomplishments, and introduce interested members of  the student body to the possibilities that come with joining Greek life.

Thea, the fraternity and sorority adviser at Stevens, talked about the Greek organizations at Stevens. “[This is a] very involved group of leaders, who work hard to improve the undergrad experience here.” Aside from typical frat-sorority activities and events, the Greek organizations here get involved in community service, fundraisers, local and national causes. They also host academic study sessions (which come to great use during finals week), and even go to leadership seminars and conferences!

Visit the Stevens Greeks’ pages on Facebook and their websites, or check flyers around the campus to find out more. Fraternity and sorority recruitment events will also begin soon, which present a great opportunity to get to know brother- and sisterhoods, and for them to know you. Another tip? Talking to students in Greek organizations is the best way to learn about what the organizations have to offer and can really help you decide if going Greek is right for you.


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