When will the heat and chances for showers and thunderstorms return?

We will have two more beautiful days but it will get gradually warmer and more humid each day with temperatures rising to the mid 80’s tomorrow and the upper 80’s on Saturday.

Late Saturday night through Tuesday we will have a chance of a shower or thunderstorm and it will be warm and humid with highs in the upper 80’s to near 90 each day.

Wednesday should then be nice but then we will have to watch as a tropical system might develop along the Southeast Coast.

If this tropical system does develop off the East Coast it might combine with an approaching cold front to bring us some showers and thunderstorms next Thursday and Friday.

Next Saturday and Sunday should then be nice before a chance of showers and thunderstorms returns next Monday.

Next Tuesday and Wednesday should then be nice behind a cold front.

Highs should be mainly in the mid to upper 80’s through the next two weeks.

Let’s just see if that tropical storm does develop off the Southeast Coast next Thursday and Friday…

Some traditional, hazy, hot and humid summer weather is on the way, with the possibility of a Tropical Storm along the East Coast next week…

We will experience some traditional summer weather over the next two weeks with hazy, hot, and humid weather on the way.

We will get one more really nice day today before the heat and humidity start to return. Highs today should be mainly in the low to mid 80’s.

Then tomorrow through next Saturday we will have variably cloudy skies with at least a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm each day.  Highs should be mainly in the upper 80’s to low 90’s, with some areas making it into the mid 90’s, although possibly cooling down next Friday and Saturday. It will be cooler along the coast.

There will also be a chance of a Tropical Storm developing in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico next Wednesday and then tracking slowly up the East Coast Thursday through next Saturday. This is just a possibility at this point that we will have to watch out for and see how things develop.

Next Sunday and Monday should then be nice with highs in the low to mid 80’s.

Next Tuesday through Thursday we will again have a chance for showers and thunderstorms with highs in the low 80’s.