RHA hosts Grocery Bingo with junk food and ramen galore

Grocery Bingo

Students take a break from studying to compete in RHA’s “Grocery Bingo.” (Credit: Frankie Guarini)

“Yes! Bing – oh, not 37.”
“Oh, come on!”
“I got it! I got it!”
These were just but a few of the many different responses students had to this week’s “Grocery Bingo” on Tuesday and Thursdays nights at 9:15 p.m. in Hayden Lounge. Presented by the Residence Hall Association (RHA), this annual semesterly event allows students to grab a couple of grids and try their odds at Bingo.
As the title of the event implies, students who get five numbers vertically, horizontally, or diagonally in succession win one of many premade bags of groceries. These are not just the typical manifestation of the word “grocery,” however. The bags of groceries that the RHA put together are filled to the brim with Oreo cookies, Goldfish crackers, Pringle potato chips, assorted candy, and the stereotypical college foodstuff, ramen.
“The main purpose of this event is for students to take a break and relax,” said Secretary Cara Realmuto, “Grocery Bingo gives them a chance to win a giant bag of ‘goodies’ to snack on while studying.”
With over 30 students in attendance, and Hayden Lounge filling up quickly, there is no doubt that the lucky winners of the bulging bags of groceries were envied by the many in attendance.
For those who didn’t or don’t know, the RHA is the “liaison between residents and the faculty of Stevens,” began President Sarah Gleason, “If any Stevens residents have any concerns at all about the school, we are the people to talk to!”